Littonia and Sandersonia

Brian Whyer
Sat, 09 Aug 2003 03:56:34 PDT

Can someone tell me the natural growth pattern of Littonia modesta, and
Sandersonia aurantiaca. I have seen the latter in the wild in South
Africa, but not Littonia. The reason I ask is I grow these in pots on my
south facing patio, with numerous other pot plants. A few weeks ago they
both were given liquid feed, along with everything else, at about the
time both were well into flower. Since then the Littonia has produced
the expected large seed pods, but also extended it's stem by a further
18", and is still growing strongly. The Sandersonia has done the same
but only by a few inches. Is it just my timely feeding that has given it
a new lease of life, and might it flower again on this same stem, which
is now ~8' long? Previously I have assumed it's season was over after
flowering and slowly dried it off, but now, how long should I keep it

Brian Whyer, Buckinghamshire, UK, min -5C'ish, max 37C so far, but who
knows any more.

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