Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 10 Aug 2003 07:31:25 PDT
Dear Katherine and Mark,

I should think you could grow Sandersonia in Vermont. When it is dormant in 
winter, I leave mine dry in the pot and it has worked. So if you had a 
basement or some place you could store the pot where it wouldn't be too 
cold I would imagine that it would be fine. Mark is growing his in 
Connecticut, but in a greenhouse. Perhaps he can tell you what he does too. 
As I said before mine worked fine as a house plant the first time I 
flowered it. I planted the tubers late August, they came up in September, 
bloomed in November, went dormant. I replanted them in spring and then they 
bloomed the following July. They were very quickly changed to the new 

Hopefully Rachel will say what the disease was. I believe it was fungal, 
but can't find her message to me to verify this. They were growing great 
quantities of them and lost a lot one year.

Mary Sue

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