Crinum pictures

J.E. Shields
Thu, 07 Aug 2003 08:04:19 PDT
Hi all,

I've posted a few more pictures of crinums in my web pages.  See URL =… for links to pages 
on Crinum lineare, C. lugardiae, C. graminicola, and C. macowanii.

We currently have blooms on CC. lineare and variabile, while CC. lugardiae 
and graminicola are in re-bloom mode.

Some of my C. macowanii bloomed and rebloomed a month ago, while others are 
just now blooming for the first time this season.  I guess you can't have 
too many different forms of Crinum macowanii.  The newest to bloom, my 
#334.B, is a seedling from a Silverhills Seeds offering of 1997.  The 
picture is posted at URL =…

There is a new picture of Crinum lineare posted at URL =…

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