Latest warning

David Fenwick
Wed, 20 Aug 2003 07:09:55 PDT
Dear Everyone,

I am redirecting this message from Dave about the latest virus to the list. 
All attachments and html are stripped from the list before they are sent 
out so the PBS list is safe, but other email may not be. One of my 
husband's email addresses got about 10 messages with this virus yesterday 
and we update our anti-virus all the time. He deleted all of them (he 
thought) without opening them and then downloaded the latest update. Later 
when backing up our files before our trip there was one he missed and the 
virus software, now updated, found it and removed it.

Mary Sue

Hi Mary Sue,
Mary Sue, I'm not one for scare mongering but there's a new virus out there.
It's called Sobig, and could pose a serious threat. Apparently it was only
released last night but I've already seen it here repeatedly. Please advise
everyone on the list to update their anti-virus software.

There is a removal tool at the following link.…

Best Wishes,
Dave Fenwick

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