Corydalis solida - which end up?

John Lonsdale
Sun, 31 Aug 2003 03:50:53 PDT

The flat end goes up.  Solida section Corydalis always initiate a growth
point around this time of year and it will make a few millimeters growth
then stop there until it really starts extending in early spring.  Number of
growth points = number of shoots = number of new bulbs if all goes well with
next seasons growth - they renew annually.  The pointy bit is where the
roots come from, although it may not look like it!


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I've grown Corydalis solida for years, but never planted the bare 
bulbs before. I was all set to plant a batch of Corydalis solida that 
I just received from Janis Ruksans.  I was going to plant the 
sort-of-pointy end up.  However, the other end of each  bulb  has a 
small yellowish-green bit emerging.  It looks like they may be green 
if they are in the light. So should that flatter end be up?

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