Wiki rollback of Eucomis page?
Sat, 23 Aug 2003 20:40:24 PDT
Hi Paul,

As far as I can tell, your changes to the Eucomis page were never 
successfully saved.  I see nothing in the wiki "Recent Changes" link to indicate there 
was a version of the Eucomis page that was successfully saved. I do believe 
there is a time limit once you enter into the EDIT mode of a PBS wiki page... it 
happened to me once.  I made a whole bunch of changes and additions, then the 
"time out" kicked in, and I lost all of those changes... nothing I could do 
about it.  That's my best guess as to what happened.  If you make changes and 
additions to the PBS wiki, I recommending viewing and saving your edits as you go.

I checked all of your links provided in a follow-up message, and they do 
indeed work... it's just that the PBS wiki pages have no links to your recently 
uploaded Eucomis photos (your photos are very nice by the way).  I recommend you 
try re-editing the PBS wiki Eucomis page and get those new links in there... 
and save frequently!  By the way, how would you list these?... is there a 
species assigned, or would you list them as Eucomis species, or Eucomis unnamed 

If you need further help on this, please email me directly.  I've been a 
little out of touch on PBS wiki these last 3 weeks (been on 3 weeks vacation, 
rebuilding my deck in mahogany, from dawn to dusk... and too beat to be very 
active on PBS... it's a huge project for a one-man operation).

I also notice that our PBS wiki prankster... a person that regularly uploads 
all kinds of weird unrelated stuff, including porno, has been very active this 
week. I delete the files, as does Mary Sue when she's not away on vacation, 
with great diligence. It should have no effect on PBS wiki pages... it's just 
some dufus that's uploading weird images, movies, sound files, etc., using the 
PBS wiki as an FTP file transfer site.

So, the long and short of it... I see no signs of a Wiki rollback of the 
Eucomis page.  Try making your edits again, and save after making each major 
addition within a few minutes time, and the changes should stay permanent.  I don't 
know what the "time-out" period is for editing, but once during the lunchhour 
at work (a time when I sometimes add things to PBS wiki), I lost all of my 
changes because I spent about 45 minutes in "edit mode" before trying 
unsuccessfully to save.

Please note:  I receive my PBS wiki messages in "digest form", so I see the 
messages but once a day (if that).  I will try and respond as quickly as 
possible to any PBS email, but please be forwarned that my inbox tends to get 
hopelessly inundated at times  :-)   and my responses may seem delayed.

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