TOW: Have you ever...?

Boyce Tankersley
Mon, 25 Aug 2003 14:33:06 PDT
We've had the following taxa 'sulk' for a year or more after importation into the states from the Republic of Georgia:

Muscari szovitsianum
Scilla rosenii
Ornithogalum balansae

These bulbs (less than a half dozen of each out of populations of several hundreds of thousands) represented specific wild populations, and due to timing of the trip and the inability of our hosts to be able to relocate the bulb populations during dormancy (livestock graze the foliage down to soil level)were carefully lifted and cleaned in the middle of their growth cycle. Not ideal by any stretch of the imagination; the collection was carefully supervised by the conservation officer from Georgia.

Seedlings resulting from seed collections from other populations collected a year later (2001)have grown on rapidly and will soon surpass the original collections in size and vigor.

All of this to suggest even bulbs that are reliable under the best of conditions can 'sulk' or lie dormant for one or more years if their natural growth cycle is interrupted.

Boyce Tankersley


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