Bulbs that flower without leaves--TOW

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Sun, 03 Aug 2003 10:33:49 PDT
Dear Jim W.,

Wow, you've raised some interesting questions.

I tried to dodge whether to count it in the calendar year or growing season 
by the following statement:
"For the sake of this discussion let us focus on those plants that break 
dormancy with flowers first followed by leaves later." If there is no sign 
of the plant (no flowers, no live leaves, nothing as in Amaryllis 
belladonna and Gladiolus carminius) and then a flower appears before the 
leaves then we count it. So where does that put Lycoris?

I always think of the growing season beginning following dormancy, but I 
realize with your statement that not everyone would agree and I'm not sure 
how I ended up thinking that way. It is probably just what made sense to 
me. It makes my yearly database very strange as I am actually starting in 
the fall since I mostly grow winter rainfall plants.

As some of the posts already indicate there may be a fine line between 
plants in A and B as some produce flowers and very quickly the leaves follow.

If we want to change the topic to plants that produce flowers and foliage 
at different times that is fine with me too. It would be a good idea to 
decide soon however for the sake of the discussion.

Mary Sue

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