Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 06 Aug 2003 11:59:26 PDT
Dear All,

Those of you who were with us when we changed servers know that I tried 
with the help of some of you to add our archives from our old list on mcn. 
I spent weeks on the project, sometimes many hours each day. Then I redid 
them when there were mistakes and after that I said I was done forever in 
spite of more mistakes that appeared the second time around. The trouble is 
that it wasn't clear exactly what keys were needed for the new software to 
be able to read what we had.

When deleting a post recently caused further problems the support person 
sent me quite a lot of posts from October and November last year that I 
could either fix or delete. For some mysterious reason they had lost their 
colons so I added one at a time four colons to each message. So several 
hours later they are improved. They have dates and people now and usually 
subjects although a few still don't have subjects unless you click on them 
and I don't have a clue why that is. Maybe I added the colons to the wrong 
subject line. They have now been added to the archives so I hope someone is 
going to go back to October and November and reread some of them. Or maybe 
some of you who have joined us since will want to read them. We started the 
topic of the week in November and I think there was a lot of interesting 
information about growing bulbs from seed. And I believe in October there 
was a discussion about when to start watering. You can click on the text 
part of the archives and just copy it to your computer if you don't want to 
read them online. And in one of those months there was the climate of the 
world discussion as well.

I am hoping that they really are done this time. I have found when I work 
on the archives that those of us on this list have been lucky that so many 
of you have shared wonderful information and much of it is very interesting 
the second (and third and fourth) time around.

Mary Sue
PBS list administrator

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