Robin L. Hansen hansen.nursery@verizon.net
Thu, 04 Dec 2003 20:21:40 PST
I have found the Dierama discussion fascinating.  Thoughts of "why am I not
having these problems" are running through my head.  Possibly it's the
climate here on the south coast of Oregon?  Yes, they take a while to bloom,
and they don't bloom as well if they don't get what they consider their
allotted amount of summer water.  This last summer being a case in point.  I
didn't water as well as I should have in the canyard which is in full sun.
The pulcherrimums didn't flower well but the dracomontanums (?) did fine.
Fertilizer does help them to flower at an earlier age.

I have shipped and will continue to ship them to customers bareroot; so far,
I haven't had complaints, but then I always wonder if customers for whatever
reason just neglect to tell me (shame on them!).  Yes, they're brittle, but
not to the point of dying out when I damage them a little.  I have noticed
that when they become potbound, they don't bloom as well.  When I
transplant, I use cross-band pots 6" or taller (Anderson) or gallon cans
with 3 or more to a container.

I hope (as I've been saying for how many years?) to get some planted in my
sandy soil this summer.  Working full-time and running the nursery kinda'
cramps my gardening style...

Robin Hansen
Zone 9, SW Oregon, USA
Major winter storm in progress

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