Lily fragrances

Jane McGary
Sat, 27 Dec 2003 09:43:27 PST
Ken Hixson wrote,
         My favorite is Lilium washingtonianum, not always easy to obtain or
>grow, but a lot of gardening gets done in its vicinity in early June.  The few
>hybrids I've raised were not particularly notable for fragrance.  L.
>is one lily I'd like to have, and expect the fragrance to rival L.

L. washingtonianum is native near my home but I haven't attempted to grow 
it (it is notoriously difficult in cultivation, which is not surprising, 
given its usual presence on steep, conifer-forested slopes above the snow 
line; there is said to be a low-elevation population from the southern 
Willamette Valley that was easier to grow, but I don't know anyone who has 
it, and the native population is no doubt long eradicated by farming). I do 
grow L. rubescens, however, and I think the fragrance is much the same.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon

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