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Harold Koopowitz
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Which dwarf narcissus were you looking for?

At 11:34 PM 12/3/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>It is a good time to sow bulb seeds.
>The various alpine garden societies have extensive offerings of bulb seeds 
>collected in members' gardens, and many collected in the wild. The garden 
>seeds vary a bit from year to year, but the real excitement comes when we 
>see who has been travelling, and where.  The "where" used to be specified: 
>1500 m alt on Mt. xx.  Now the location is kept secret to protect the plants.
>Only members can have the seeds, but you can often check online lists to 
>see if it would be worthwhile for you to join. Sometimes if you join now, 
>you can ask for this year's seedlist.  Seedlists are currently being 
>mailed out. These alpine clubs generally include seeds as a membership 
>benefit, though sometimes members must pay postage.  There are usually 
>close to 6000 types of seeds offered each year. The number of packets of 
>seed each person is allowed is limited, and often one does not get all 
>one's first choices. It's like a lottery. ( After trying for 30 years to 
>get seed of one particular dwarf narcissus, this year I bought it from the 
>Archibalds, and it has already germinated.)
>Alpine Garden Society
>Scottish Rock Garden Club
>North American Rock Garden Society
>Ontario Rock Garden Society
>Alpine Garden Club of BC
>There are specialty geophytic clubs with focussed seed exchanges. Usually 
>these clubs sell their seeds and there is often no limit to how many you 
>may buy.  It is often easier to get what you really want from these ones.
>The Cyclamen Society
>SIGNA (Species Iris)
>The North American Lily Society
>The RHS Lily Group has a new website  Their 
>seedlist comes out in January and besides lilies includes other Liliaceae, 
>and other bulbous families
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>maritime zone 8
>cool mediterranean climate (dry summer, rainy winter - 68 cm annually)
>sandy soil
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