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Douglas Westfall
Sat, 27 Dec 2003 16:05:17 PST
J.E. ShieldsDoug Westfall jshields104@insightbb.com1111 Claiborne Dr. Long
Beach, CA

> Hi all,
> My Haemanthus albiflos set some seeds this year, and I harvested them
> today.  There are not enough to bother advertising and selling, so I'll
> offer to trader some of them for other seeds of Amaryllidaceae.
> If you have some Amaryllidaceae seeds you might swap, drop me a note at
> <>  Maybe we can work something out.....

> Jim Shields

There are several clones of this Haemanthus. What does yours look like?

I have two clones. One has long, narrow leaves.  The other has shorter, 3 to
4 inch wide leaves.

I have 2 or 3 dozen seeds of the latter one if anyone is interested.

Doug Westfall

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