twin scaling quandry
Mon, 08 Dec 2003 17:34:53 PST
Hello Group,

I have a question about twin scaling Hippeastrum.  After following a combined 
procedure by RHS and IBS, using Cleary's 3336F on the scales, in sterilized 
perlite, I'm noticing an even pink coloration on the scales.  I think, hmmm, 
damnable Stagonospora... yet I used Bonomyl (Benlate sub) for soaking the bulb 
prior to storage, Bleach (1:10) prior to cuttage, and 3336F for the final soak, 
alcohol rinsed surfaces and sterile razors.  Do Hippeastrum show red or pink 
as a form or oxidation to damaged cells or is my culture simply contaminated? 
Any remedies?

OH... I just joined the list.  I'm Michael Loos, Cleveland, 
Ohio-ly-mackerel-it's-cold.  I grow all sorts of geophytes including succulent caudiciforms, 
fat - in and out of the ground.  I've lots and ones and twos (3's-4's) of many 
species, but heavy on the genera of Hippeastrum and Euphorbia.  Presently, I'm 
building my species list of Hippeastrum.  (Anyone with species Hipps for sale 
or trade, please feel free to contact me.)

Thanks for the information,
Grow Well,
Michael Loos
Honest Earth Consultation

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