Crinum - Scabrum Zeylanicum - Milk and Wine

David Sneddon
Wed, 31 Dec 2003 19:02:41 PST


I recently saw William Morris (Australian Crinum Grower) and noted he had Crinum scabrum. Admittedly he hadn't given them the attention they craved and they had not developed much over the years. Comments were that they are a tropical plant that struggles in subtropical NSW (Australian State). He felt that they may have grown a bit better with more attention.

From what I understand these plants come from Africa and India...I would like to grow this plant but I'm wondering firstly what forms there are...after all they seem to be dispersed across a large area geographically...what form would suit my climate the best and then if there are any plants in Australia, or seed available.

Are they available in Australian Gardens up North maybe?

How did Bradley keep and flower this plant?

Please let me know if you can answer any of these questions. And if you grow this plant I would be interested to hear how you do it and how well it grows for your climage or region.

Reference Link:……

Regards, David.Zone 9/10 Subtropical NSW, Australia.


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