Resources Yes, Commercials No

Shirley Meneice
Fri, 05 Dec 2003 20:19:15 PST
Of course, and I'm sure we all understand and sympathize.  we amateurs 
sometimes get overly enthused, so forgive us.  It's that season.
	Shirley Meneice

Mary Sue Ittner wrote:

> Dear All,
> Since there have been a couple of private questions and now the message 
> from Dave Fenwick perhaps I need to clarify. Some of our newer members 
> may be puzzled. Our pbs list and pbs wiki are hosted by, a 
> group based at the University of North Carolina. They make space 
> available to non commercial group and are very supportive of information 
> sharing. We don't pay for this service as we are not a commercial group. 
> If members of our group start advertising what they are selling to this 
> group we could be in trouble and lose what we have.
> This does not mean we cannot share resources and tell each other about 
> sources of seed and bulbs that we like. We have had topics of the week 
> on favorites in the past. This is information sharing and quite 
> acceptable. Feel free to do this all you want. I think it is great to 
> support some of our list members in this way. But if someone mentions 
> they are looking for something and you are selling it, please contact 
> that person privately and tell them instead of communicating on this list.
> I hope this explains my comments earlier. From my stand point and I 
> suppose that I have a bigger stake than most because of the time I have 
> put into it, losing the list and the wiki would be a very unhappy event.
> Mary Sue
> PBS List Administrator, Wiki Worker, TOW Coordinator (Whew!)
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