Geophytes in Hawaii - A Request for Suggestions
Fri, 12 Dec 2003 10:26:27 PST
Don't miss a visit to Foster's Botanical Garden in downtown oahu.  It is one 
of my favorite, not for bulbs but you will see trees there that you won't find 
elsewhere.  Take the time to check out every tree,  there are a few that I 
have never found anywhere else, nor have I been able to find information or 
seeds for them.  Just go to every botanical garden you spot on the maps.  At the 
airport there are stands of brochures on what to do and see, I have found 
brochures on anthirium farms and such.  Not what every tourist is looking for and 
when we went we were usually given a personal private tour through these 
places, some of them huge.  I am sure that is because not many tourist do go there.  
Carolyn Craft in Los Gatos, CA

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