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If anyone have the time to clarify my doubts, it would be very appreciated
As of March 1, 1989, for those countries that are participants to the Berne 
Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, it is no longer 
necessary to include the copyright notice. Should there be a lawsuit, if the 
mark is present, the defendant can not claim innocent infringement.  Placing the 
copyright notice automatically affords protection to include all those 
countries that are member states of the Univerasal Copyright Convention.

Pragmatically, unless the infringement involves substantial financial 
damages, it is not worthwhile to fully pursue the legal remedies available.

The question of patents, trademarks, plant patents, copyrights, etc. comes up 
often on the gardening lists. "Patent Law for the Nonlawyer" by Amernick is 
approachable and is a useful addition to the library  (get it used, it's 
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