Douglas, and anyone else for that matter:)

Douglas Westfall
Wed, 10 Dec 2003 20:45:11 PST
Kelly IrvinDoug Westfall bulbmeister@bulbmeister.com1111 Claiborne Dr. Long
Beach, CA
> Joakim Erson wrote:
>> My mother always told me to ask when I don´t understand something, and I do
>> not understand this.
> I may have missed it, but I don't believe Douglas made an aggression
> toward IBS here.
>> The case as I understand it ( and I havent read alot about it, so please
>> correct me if Im wrong) is that someone has submitted your (
>> Douglas´s)pictures ( under fake name?) to IBS gallery?if so,  isnt your
>> aggression towards IBS mis-placed?
This Email makes NO sense! The images in question were submitted to the IBS
BY Douglas Westfall and others. The "aggression" or upset is that someone
has stolen pictures which I, and others, have submitted to IBS for display
on their Gallery pages and is using them for the profit of the "person who
stole the images!

There is NO "aggression" toward IBS, only against the person who has
"pirated" the pictures.

Does this straighten out the issue?


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