Fungus gnats and control

diana chapman
Thu, 11 Dec 2003 08:54:23 PST
Hi All:

I accidentally found a solution to the fungus gnat problem.  Unable to find
a sterile seed starting mix, I used pure fine grade vermiculite for
transplanting Amaryllid seedlings that had germinated via the flotation
method.  I expected to replant them fairly soon as I considered it a
temporary solution.  Hallelujah!!!  No fungus gnats!  I guess since there's
no fungus in vermiculite they can't survive.  My seedlings have grown apace,
and I have even transplanted them after a year into more vermiculite just as
an experiment.  Of course, I have to use a soluble fertilizer to provide
nutrients.  I have plenty of house plants nearby that are infested with
fungus gnats, but there has been no sign of any in the vermiculite pots.
The seedlings have also grown faster than ones in a traditional seed
starting mix.  I now am starting all my Amaryllid seedlings in vermiculite.


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