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>  What are you 
> doing in December in your garden and with your pots? 

The last of the potted bulbs for forcing are mulched in the cold frames
A final prowl for deeply discounted bulbs in the local garden centers as time 
The last of the lily stems are pruned, as usual, no seed this year.
Take leaf cuttings of Lachenalia.
Harvest and sow the last of the Nerine seed.
Sow fresh Amaryllid seed as it begins to arrive from the Southern Hemisphere.
Check seedpots, rejoice at the recalcitrant ones that have taken more than a 
year to germinate.
Check for pests- Aristea and Nivenia are the aphid magnets now. Examine 
foliage for indications of virus infection.
Complete  potting of Hippeastrum, ready, set, water.
Repot Arisaema, Cyrtanthus and other dormant summer growers.
Pay extra attention to watering in the greenhouse, water only on sunny 

Mark Mazer
Gaylordsville, Connecticut USA
USDA Zone 5

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