twin scaling again
Tue, 09 Dec 2003 05:14:03 PST
A review of the comment "even pink color."  As the scaled sections are only a 
few days old, the color appears to be changing to pink rather than the white 
color initially seen in the cleaned, fresh scales.  The color is on the cut 
portions of sections without variation.  The interiors and uncut areas of the 
scales seems unaffected.  The water in the sealed bag was sterilized with the 
perlite (about 1 water:10 perlite in the bag.)  While this seems very dry, I 
know that too much water will rot the culture.  

I have seen healthy Hippeastrum turn pink to reddish during the growing 
season, then the tunic becomes brown and dry.  The interior bulb remains firm, 
grows and cracks the tunic without evidence of the previous discoloration.  
Perhaps this is just a part of the process?

Ah the intrigue...

Happy growing
Michael Loos

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