Coprighted pictures "pirated"

Douglas Westfall
Tue, 09 Dec 2003 20:54:15 PST
To all PBS members.

All members should be made aware that a bulb dealer in England (World Bulbs)
has taken it upon themselves to "steal" pictures from both the PBS wiki and
the IBS Gallery (as well as the Web pages of some of our members) without
permission, and is using them for their own commercial profit. David Fenwick
is in the process of determining what legal steps can and should be taken
there in England.

Four of my pics have been used and at least one of Mary Sue's as well as
others from our list. Members might want to check World Bulb's site and make
a list of your pictures which have been used by them. At the least, you
should Email a "protest" to them. Note that your pictures may have been
flipped left to right in an attempt to keep you from recognizing them.

Doug Westfall


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