Lily fragrances

Jane McGary
Sun, 28 Dec 2003 10:23:30 PST
Dear Ken,
WHy don't you get one of your lily bulbs to a professional who can 
propagate it, either by traditional means or by tissue culture? I can put 
you in touch with such people if you don't know them already.

Besrt regards,
Jane McGary

At 12:45 AM 12/28/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi, Jane
>L washingtonianum-
> >there is said to be a low-elevation population from the southern
> >Willamette Valley that was easier to grow, but I don't know anyone who has
> >it, and the native population is no doubt long eradicated by farming).
>         The bulb(s?) that I have are from the local, low elevation
>population; unfortunately, there only seems to be one clone and it does
>not self.  I've been looking for a pollen source to get seeds, so far
>without luck.  The scales are long, narrow and thin, and curved.  I haven't
>tried to scale it, it probably would need a spoon or something to get them
>off at the basal plate.  I do have the equipment to tissue culture some
>scales, all I lack is the ambition.
>         The plant is unique in having no spotting and I'd like to see it
>preserved.  How has been the problem.
>         Ken
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