Crocus notes

Robert Hamilton
Tue, 16 Dec 2003 03:39:48 PST
Hi  Jane,

>  And why isn't C. pelistericus from Macedonia more widespread in 
> cultivation? To be sure, it's a summer-flowering, moisture-loving 
> alpine, but I have read that a lot of seed was collected in recent 
> years.

I have  managed  to  grow 3  seedlings  now in their  4th  season from 
seed  obtained  from the  AGS  seed exchange . They  are now  to a  
size  where I am hopeful they might  flower next  year. The pot they  
are growing in sits  in a  saucer  which helps  keep the  moisture  
they need during  summer.

I'm  sure they  were not  happy  today when  our   temperature was  32C 
  until  darkness which   is  current about  9.30pm.


Rob  in Tasmania

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