Whats happening Southern Hemisphere Australia

Sneddon, David T david.t.sneddon@eds.com
Tue, 16 Dec 2003 13:55:39 PST

Its now formally summer in the southern hemisphere and the temperatures here
on Central Coast of Australia (80Kms North of Sydney) are now in the 30's
and forecast to climb to the 40's (celcius) over the next week. 

Flowering at and around my home are crinums and kniphofias two of my most
favorite geophytes. 

Usually every second weekend I'm out driving about in search of interesting
forms of Amaryllids such as crinum. My home is situated between Sydney and
the Hunter Valley so its rich in heritage (what little we have as a nation
only just over two centuries established).

When I'm not driving I'm trolling the internet for information which brings
me to the Chobe River forms of crinum. Some interesting colours especially
this one http://www.crinum.org/crinpics/fig_59.html (Crinum Org). Its hard
to believe these colours are from a crinum. I don't know much about the area
this was found in. The flower in my opinion looks like a tropical flower
with such bright colours. Can anyone say what the climate and culture in
that area is like? 

I note also there were some other crinums found along the river with
interesting reds to pinks. Gordon McNeil truely had some wonder plants, it
was a shame they were lost.

If anyone has chobe river plants I'd be interested in seeing more pictures
privately or publicly posted.

Regards, David.

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