I could use information on Penroc

Johnson3591@aol.com Johnson3591@aol.com
Fri, 05 Dec 2003 06:29:01 PST

I got the following note from a subscriber.  The person obviously has issues 
with Penroc Seeds and Plants.  Given the disparaging nature of the comment, I 
would like  to know if there is some important information I'm missing about 
Penroc Seeds and Plants.  No doubt, at a dollar each, the rarest seeds are way 
out of my price league.  

The email note said, in part, "Doesn't it make you think why so many 
undescribed, almost extinct or unique species are offered for sale in that site? Do 
you really think those incredible rairities exist to make these plunderers go 
fatter? Let's help Nature's cause by no promoting such sites. "



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