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Fri, 19 Dec 2003 15:14:13 PST
Dear All;

Dierama, by O.M. Hilliard and Brian L. Burtt, published by Acorn Books,
covers all aspects of the cultivation of Dieramas and the descriptions
of the species are excellent, as are the illustrations by Auriol Batten.
All interested in this genus should have this book, published in 1991.
Kirstenbosch Horticultural Notes #37 is a one page sheet and also well
worth having. Compliments of the Season to all. John E. Bryan
Jerry Thirloway wrote:
> What little information i find  is for the most part conflicting. Some
> say keep them dry some say wet. No where have I read how deep do you
> plant  them. Someone told me they like the soil  on acid side. I would
> be interested in your thoughts
> I live on the coast in San Diego California.
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