Fri, 05 Dec 2003 02:40:30 PST
Jamie Vande    Cologne    Germany    Zone 8

This "new" method of increasing Lachenalia has me totally fascinated!  I'm
definitely going to give it a try.  For those that remember my Lachenalia
hybrids, which I purchased in the Spring, being told they should flower
during the Summer, well, they did no such thing.  No problem surviving
through the season dormant, however, and are currently producing spikes and
leaves.  It would seem they do not turn around, not for me, anyway, but they
will make a wonderful accent during this otherwise triste time of year.
With Cologne's mild climate, I may try planting some in the rockery next
season.  My potted corms are currently on the terrace enjoying the cool,
damp weather!

Have you ever noticed what wonderfull foliage Chasmanthe has in the Winter?
Where I have them planted, they are the only bright green left and make a
stunning contrast to the somberly patterned foliage fo Heucheras in front of
them. I think I've discovered a new favourite!


Jamie V.

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