What's Blooming Now

Mark Smyth mark@marksgardenplants.com
Mon, 15 Dec 2003 14:08:57 PST

Things are about 8 weeks early here in the UK at least for those I have
spoken to. C tenorii which I bought in 2002 did nothing that year. This year
it emerged about 10 days ago. My C. cupani is very late also. C. hungaricum
which I know should be flowering in the spring was showing leaves and flower
buds by mid November. Most of my species Tulips are above ground also.

All of my Ranunculus ficaria cultivars have been in full leaf, but no flower
so far, since the end of November.

N Ireland

> Is that normal flowering time for colchicum tenorii for you.  Mine
> flowered here  between September 15 and October 10th.  Colchicum
> hungaricum is an early spring flowering bulb here.

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