Is there any real value to photos...

Nan Sterman Talkingpoints@PlantSoup.Com
Wed, 10 Dec 2003 17:44:46 PST
>Copyright law is clear.  When any photo or writing dated and known to be
>associated with a creator, then the material is copyrighted (even if 
>copyright is
>not claimed).  The important matters are to date, and to identify an author.

According to my attorney, it is not necessary for the author and date 
are identified.  Basically, unless you created it, it belongs to 
someone else.  Period.

And this makes sense.  If it were otherwise, all kinds of things 
(music that is not attributed, writing that is not attributed, images 
that are not attributed) would be open to copy and use which clearly, 
they are not..

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