Helpful URLS

Diane Whitehead
Thu, 18 Dec 2003 11:59:34 PST
I have checked all the URLS that were submitted last year.  In some 
cases I have made changes, which I have marked "changed", either 
because the website itself directed me to a new URL, or because I 
found the original homepage very difficult to navigate, and after a 
lot of thrashing around found an easier part of the site.  (Those 
whose browser supports Korean and Japanese won't have any problem 
with the originals.)

I have also added a couple of new sites.  (New to this list.  Marked "new")

Some sites could not be found and I have moved them to the bottom of 
the list.  Unfortunately two were good sources of Nerine pictures. 
They might be worth checking later.  Last week one site was only 
partially accessible, but this week it is fine, so sometimes troubles 
are temporary.

It is always a good idea to let a person know if you are having 
trouble with their website.  Sometimes the problem is that the owner 
has contracted for a modest number of visitors, and if that number is 
exceeded, no one else can get on till the following day.  Usually 
there will be a message explaining that.

		Diane Whitehead
===============================================================================   Japanese language search engine that turns up 
sites that tend not to appear on the more common search engines This 
is difficult to navigate on my computer, so after various blind 
clicking on groups of question marks, I found that the following url 
will get you to a spot that has some recognizable links to adventure 
travel, zoology, garden, and outdoor    Tom Stuarts web 
database links to many favorites that include: Calflora, w3-Tropicos, 
Rock Garden Database by Dr. Slaby, the Harkness Seedlist and links to 
the archives of Alpine, Arisaema, Penstemon and Trillium-l     changed  Scott's Botanical 
Links- extensive list of links  Martindales 
Reference Desk of Calculators Online  changed   If you are a succulent lover like I am 
this is a good reference site with photos

plus another good site is   for custom 
metal art work for your garden or home

many bulb pictures   Still the best site for photos on bulbs, 
great job IBS
South African bulbs

New bulb pictures

Allium…     new

Amaryllis……   in French


Corydalis     new

Crocosmia,Chasmanthe and Tulbaghia




Iris- Reticulata and Juno


Lilium - many links…


Oxalis     new

ICRAs (International Cultivar Registration Authorities) to find which 
organization registers new cultivars of particular genera: for 
International registers, previously published as books, but the 
latest versions are downloadable from the Royal Horticultural site: 
bulbs are Daffodils, Dahlias, and Lilies.

National Collections (U.K.)  There are links to bulbous collections 
including:  Canna, Crocosmia, Chasmanthe, Crocus, Dahlia, 
Erythronium, Narcissus, Tulipa.  National Collections must be open to 
the public, either through Open Days or by appointment.    changed

plant names to verify spellings, also to find U.K. and Irish sources

Seed germination of Ontario Rock Garden Society…     changed

Forgot any other conversion one:  This converts anything - Length, 
Temperature, Speed, Volume, Mass, Computer, Time, Cooking, Angles, 
Area, Torque, and more

African sites:

Conservation, Partnerships & Ecotourism

Especially this page which highlights over collection of bulb species such
as Scilla and Eucomis

KEW - People and Plants Online…

U.K. gardens
The Eden Project

Tresco Abbey Gardens
Not found:   Tom Clothiers extensive database 
on seed germination Not found   All about Epiphyllums 
that you could ever want to know.  currently offline.  Will return 
Summer 2004

Nerine…  Not found…  Great 
site for photos of Nerines and their correct names  Not found.  The 
search function of  did not find "nerine".

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