Disinfecting seeds

Jamie jamievande@freenet.de
Thu, 11 Dec 2003 01:41:58 PST

this is exactly what I've been doing for the last couple of weeks.  I'm
using H2O2 (hydrogen perioxide) to disinfect Hemerocallis seed.  I work with
a 3% solution, diluting it from a 30% bottle (10 to 1), and then I add about
a tablespoon to 250ml (aprox. 1 Cup) of tap water.  To break water tension I
put a very tiny amount of dishwashing liquid (I touch my finger to the cap
to pick up a drop).  I let the seed soak for 1-4 days, to plump them up a
bit, and many start to germinate during this time.  Then they are planted
and kept at room temp or a bit cooler.  I do not favour high temps for seed
germination under low light conditions.  the growth is to soft and
damping-off is a big concern.

Another problem I have, and perhaps some of you have methods to combat it,
it fungus flies (or similar).  They lay their eggs in the medium and the
nematode-like larvae eat the seeds!  I've tried Neem and insecticides that
are on the European market watered in, but without real effect.  Sterilizing
the earth is not the answer as the flies could care less!  Anyone have a
good method?


Jamie V

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> Does anyone have dilution formulas for making a disinfecting solution
> for seeds? For example, how much laundry bleach (Clorox) mixed with how
> much water, or how much hydrogen peroxide with how much water? Are
> there any other easily used compounds? Also, how much time should one
> let the seeds soak in the solution?
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