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>>>>>> This is a good question for the casual Web user, many folks do not
understand or appreciate the reasoning behind copyright law.

That was exceedingly well put, well done, and pointed out a few of the main
reasons why I for one got so angry.

I have over 500 images of SA bulbs on my site, it doesn't take that long to
take the photos, and I enjoy it. It makes a record of seeing a species
flower for the very first time, and enables me to share it with everyone
else, and it doesn't take any timeat all to upload them on the web.

What does take time and cost money is, the building of a specific gene pool
/ collection, caring for the plants to get them to flower, and then
researching them so well, so that you can be as accurate as you can with the
naming and taxonomy. I've collected Tulbaghia for eight years now, and this
year I can safely say I have the correct identity for 95% of the collection
of over 80 plants. If I were to be honest about Crocosmia this figure could
be as low as 60%. It's a case of the more you know the more you realise how
much there is to prove, to be absolutely certain, and this is especially the
case with named heirlooms.

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