Brunsvigia grandiflora

Robert Hamilton
Tue, 02 Dec 2003 03:37:30 PST
Hi  all,

Dirk has  previously posted  how this  summer rainfall species  has  
adopted  a winter rainfall pattern of  growth for  him.

I  sowed seed of this  species  in May 2002 and it  has remained in 
growth until the  last  couple of  weeks and  I  now  have to admit 
that  the  5  seedlings  appear to  be entering dormancy.

It has  been very dry  here  with only  about 40mm of  rain  since the 
end of   September but I  have  been  watering these  seedlings 

By  contrast    B grandiflora seed  sown  in April  this  year  is  
still growing strongly.

I think  Dirk  mentioned that  he  continues  to  water the B 
grandiflora  during their  summer  dormancy. Can  you  verify  this  
Dirk  ?


Rob in Tasmania

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