Cyrtanthus species and hybrids

Greg Pettit
Sun, 21 Dec 2003 05:38:15 PST
Dear All (and esp. Bill),

Bill, an excellent introduction!  If I can add a few points about their
popularity:  They are a lot more popular than people think.  To date I have
sold over 1,000,000 into Japan.  I even sold 5,000 into New Zealand last
December.  The Dutch will buy my full supply if I can bring my numbers up to
"x" hundred thousand pa.

I only export the "evergreens" (Cc. mackenii, suaveolens, bicolor,
brachyscyphus, etc) and they are sold in hybrid form.  I named a three-way
cross after my eldest daughter and it is proving to be a winner.

Last points: they are a cheap line and I think that was the trick that made
them popular in Asia?  They are also used as cut flowers (which is why they
were imported into NZ).


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