twin scaling quandry

Nolo Contendre
Tue, 09 Dec 2003 02:40:21 PST
Hippeastrum produces a red phenolic compound which will color tissue culture
media and sometimes appears on twin scales (or other injured tissue).

Alan Meerow
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Subject: [pbs] twin scaling quandry

> Hello Group,
> I have a question about twin scaling Hippeastrum.  After following a
> procedure by RHS and IBS, using Cleary's 3336F on the scales, in
> perlite, I'm noticing an even pink coloration on the scales.  I think,
> damnable Stagonospora... yet I used Bonomyl (Benlate sub) for soaking the
> prior to storage, Bleach (1:10) prior to cuttage, and 3336F for the final
> alcohol rinsed surfaces and sterile razors.  Do Hippeastrum show red or
> as a form or oxidation to damaged cells or is my culture simply
> Any remedies?
> OH... I just joined the list.  I'm Michael Loos, Cleveland,
> Ohio-ly-mackerel-it's-cold.  I grow all sorts of geophytes including
succulent caudiciforms,
> fat - in and out of the ground.  I've lots and ones and twos (3's-4's) of
> species, but heavy on the genera of Hippeastrum and Euphorbia.  Presently,
> building my species list of Hippeastrum.  (Anyone with species Hipps for
> or trade, please feel free to contact me.)
> Thanks for the information,
> Grow Well,
> Michael Loos
> Honest Earth Consultation
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