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Rachel Saunders
Sat, 20 Dec 2003 05:51:16 PST
No IBSA's website is not up and running!  The person who was doing the work
on it has disappeared to South America for a few months, so I think that all
work has come to a halt for a while.  I'll try to find out.
Rachel Saunders
cape Town, South Africa

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> Dear All,
> Last year we had a couple topics of the week on URLS. The first week
> suggested sites they found to be helpful. Diane Whitehead agreed to check
> out all the ones from last year and see if they were all working and list
> them for everyone. After she does that, feel free to add any new ones that
> have turned up since, like the wonderful new site for the Australian Bulb
> Association. I don't know if IBSA's site is up and running yet either.
> I have been working on a list of websites for members of this list (and
> wiki pages). I am sure I don't have all of them, but will post what I have
> on Thursday. If you weren't listed last year since you weren't part of our
> list then and want to be included please send me a message or just
> your web site after I have posted what I could detect if you aren't
> included and want to be.
> Mary Sue
> PBS List Administrator, Wiki Worker, TOW Coordinator (Whew!)
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