Bulbs for the Holidays--TOW

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Mon, 22 Dec 2003 10:52:48 PST
Dear All;
	There's essentially NO holiday bulbs or anything else 
blooming outdoors. Our only likely flower on a mild day will be the 
ever reliable 'Earth Nails' (For those unfamiliar with this charming 
name for Taraxacum!).

	Holiday bulbs are primarily potted Hippeastrum and Tazetta daffodils.
	'Red Lion' is surely the most common cv, but this year a slew 
of 'new' cvs are available in the stores including a few doubles 
(from Hadco?) and a few oddities like 'Lemon Lime'. I got a couple 
new to me: 'Piquant'(Single, Salmon) and most interesting H. cybister 
(hybrid) 'Ruby Meyer'. Anyone have any advice or suggestions about 
'Ruby Meyer'? I see on the WWW that it is a hybrid from Fred Meyer. 
Does it have any special needs or will it do with typical Hipp. 

	Tazettas here are generic 'Paper Whites' with a real cv name 
almost unknown except for 'Soleil d'Or'. We do not get the larger 
Israeli cvs in most stores. I do not grow these any more because of 
their over-powering scent. Just TOO much for me.

	Gradually the cool greenhouse will produce a few winter 
blooms. An odd season Clivia xcyrtanthiflora has already come and 
gone. A tender Scilla lingulata (is this still a real Scilla?) is in 
bud and lachenalias are coming up, but not showing buds yet. 
Tulbaghia come much later too so this is over-all a slow time of year.

	Potted Pointsettias dominate flower shops and grocery stores 

		Happy Holidays to all		Jim W.
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