Kelly O'Neill kellyo@wetrock.com
Thu, 04 Dec 2003 03:18:01 PST
>  My question is, how/when is the best time to move Dierama. 

I've grown (and killed) many. I'm sure the different species have 
different tastes. To overgeneralize and comment on my successes 
(mostly hybrid seedlings) I'd say:
   Many handle (and flower with) Summer drought, however, I do not 
think they prefer it. Winter wet in pretty-well-drained (rather than 
well- or very-well-) is fine. I think my plants are closest to dormancy 
in winter. They can be moved. I think they move (and divide) best 
when young and when in strong growth (Spring). They do not like to 
be divided, however, it usually works fine. I was once told not to 
divide them as small as You would other similarly-tuberous plants 
(keep the chunks bigger). That seems to be good advice.  
Overwintering in containers outdoors on wet ground is very risky. 
I'm not sure if it was the cold, the wet or both. Sprouting seed is 
pretty easy when fresh.
         Careful, they look like grass for years,  KellyO

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