Crinum With Unusual Foliage

David Sneddon
Tue, 30 Dec 2003 00:12:54 PST


I don't really like these pictures but they communicate better than words will so I've uploaded them temporarily unless it turns out they offer educational benefits.

I'm (still) trying to work out why the leaves on these crinums have a tendancy to stack above the previous set rather than turn another 90 degrees.………

Thoughts so far is that it is a hybrid but still no answer to why the leaves are like they are in the first image. (eg. Is it a property of the parent, then what sort of parent displays this tendancy?)

The plants not big probably 12-18 inches or there abouts with flowers a little higher.

Also if anyone knows the technical name for this type of patterning can they please tell me.

Regards, David.

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