Rhodophiala and Tristagma

David Victor davidxvictor@mailblocks.com
Sat, 13 Dec 2003 11:44:02 PST
For those of you who are member of the AGS, there is a beautiful photo of 
Rhodophiala bifida in the new Alpine Gardener.

Also, for those of you who like me are not totally certain where we are 
with naming around the Alliaceae, particularly with "Ipheion"........

Brian Mathew writes a review of an Ipheion vittatum shown at a recent show, 
during which he reports:

"When first noticed in 1879, this charming plant was placed in the genus 
Milla; in 1896 it was moved  to Brodiaea, in 1943 to Beauverdia, in 1953 to 
Iphieion, in 1963 to Tristagma and into Nothoscordium in 1968.  Is it any 
wonder that botanists get a bad name among gardeners!  The Argentinian 
botanist Dr Rosa Guaglianone produced an elegant acccount of this group of 
South American Alliaceae in 1972 and kindly sent me a copy; at present this 
seems as good a reason as any for following her placement of it in Iphieion."

I don't think I'll be changing any labels too soon!

Best regards,
David Victor 

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