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Lauw de Jager dejager@bulbargence.com
Tue, 09 Dec 2003 23:26:21 PST
Dear  friends,
  Wednesday morning the 3/12  the Rhone bank has broken at 300 m of our
nursery.  Waterlevel reached 230cm (8ft) in our house and after having saved
the maximum we retreated to the first floor. My family was secured by
helicopter on thursday afternoon.  Fridaynight I was able to leave the house
with my dog and reach dry land by foot.  My family, office etc is now
installed with friends in a neighbouring village Fontveille.
Waterlevel decended on saterday sufficiently to see the damage. The view is
an apocalyps. The strong current during 48hrs has collected every thing in a
great heap. There are 1-2m high "sand drifts" in the garden, barn and the
nursery and virtually all boxes, pots, and raised beds are covered with
50-100cm of loam. The shade hall is intact  but the boxes are partly covered
with debris and mud. The plastic tunnel has been flattened.
 In the house and the packing store everything is on the ground and covered
by 30cm of mud. The harddisc and the main computer has neen saved and  a new
office  is workinng with my secretary and collaborator Marja allready in
action.  A field of 2 ha with  a stock of more curent bulbs only had  50cm
of water and no current. This field is now drying out and we should be able
to start shipping by the middle of january.But is it the wintergrowing
collection which is in  great danger.  When the sludge dry out we will try
to  uncover the the plants before rotting starts.
On the Image list I will attach  an a 'cartoon 'made by a friend to
'remonter le moral'
I will keep you informed. Kind regards

Lauw de Jager
Mas d'Argence chez Boutière
'Les Olivades, 
13990  Fontveille  France
tel 31(0)490 548 201   fax 0490 910 081
http://www.bulbargence.com/ Email: dejagerzbulbargence.com

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