TOW Roscoea -Trillium/Arisaema

J.E. Shields
Fri, 14 Feb 2003 14:54:45 PST
Hi all,

The only entry for Roscoea in the Great Lakes Bulbs sources page is 
Fraser's Thimble Farms.  Get the details from and use <Ctrl F> to 
search for Fraser's .

The genus is not included in the BulbFinder database that we assembled 
about 3 years ago.

Soooooooo......,   if YOU are a supplier of Roscoea, and would like that 
information included in the Great Lakes Bulbs SOURCES.html page, please let 
me know!  Contact me privately at <>

If anyone in this group can give me names of nurseries that supply Roscoea 
by mail order, I'll see that this information gets logged into the 
appropriate web page and databases.

If you are a mailorder vendor of bulbs, seeds, and/or plants, never heard 
of the BulbFinder database, and would like to be included in this database, 
you might also contact me (again,  privately at <> ).

Jim Shields
in cold, wet, but ice-storm free central Indiana, where we had a narrow 
escape this afternoon.  I could not help remembering the horrible ice storm 
of March, 1991, where we were without power for two days.

At 12:31 PM 2/14/03 -0600, you wrote:
>         The degree of success from so many people in a wide range of 
> places gives me new urges to try these again. Prhaps Jim Shields can 
> present his Roscoea sources for our perusal. A Google search does turn up 
> a few places.
>         One more time.          best and thanks Mary Sue        Jim W.
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