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Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 13:46:57 PST
Dear All,

I just spent the good part of the last four or five days re-editing the old 
archives and I think you will find that they are so much better!!! I even 
cleaned up some of the html in the newer messages. I am now absolutely 
done. I never want to edit another old message ever. Hopefully the right 
people will be listed with the right messages and those messages from 
people who originally posted in both text and html will be displayed 
without downloading. I noticed there are a few of those that you had to 
download before that now don't wrap so that you have to arrow out sideways 
to see them. I am sorry about that, but just think of it as an improvement. 
A few dates might be a little suspect since there were those I put all in 
one email and when I had to recreate them I didn't know when they had been 
sent. But for our purposes I dated them all the same as you'd find them all 
together that way.

You all may have noticed another nice trick of the upgraded software and 
that is that the messages in the archives display email addresses in a way 
that makes it difficult for spamers to harvest email addresses from the web 
site. This is a very nice feature.

Finally they reindex the new messages every other day for the search 
feature and all the changes will then be included. So until they do that 
the search feature is going to turn up some strange things because the 
messages have been reshuffled. So you might ask for Pacific BX and when you 
click on the response get a Lachenalia message. But in a day or two all of 
our archives should be accessible.

Mary Sue

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