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Ann Marie mysticgardn@yahoo.com
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 09:36:50 PST
Mary Sue and everyone your efforts are greatly appreciated.  This is a big job and I'm sure we all understand that you are doing your best and we can be patient.  Thank you all for your hard work.  Ann Marie  
 Mary Sue Ittner <msittner@mcn.org> wrote:///Dear/ All,

Some of you may have noticed that we now have many of our old messages from 
previous servers in our archives. I have worked on this for weeks and was 
helped by Diane Whitehead, Jennifer Hildebrand, Chris Carley, and Mark 
McDonough. It was a huge project. First I hadn't saved everything. Second 
some of the messages I had saved were not in a format that could be used 
(once again this had to do with how they were sent). And finally I had 
merged a lot of them and then had to try to figure out what tags I needed 
to separate them out. Mark sent me some old digests so I could search 
through then to get some of that data. Chris stripped out a lot of the html 
for me which was a huge help. He, Jennifer, and Diane took some of the 
messages and read through them trying to get them ready and sent them back 
to me.

The end result isn't perfect. There is even a message listed from some date 
we weren't even in existence. That is no doubt one I merged and unmerged 
with the wrong date. Not all of our messages are there but hopefully most 
of the ones that you would want to refer to again are there. It appears 
that some of the messages you can only read by downloading them. Some of 
those are AOL messages or must have looked like attachments. I guess we 
just couldn't figure out what to do to them to make them acceptable. We did 

Perhaps in a week or two when I get reenergized I will get around to 
listing on the wiki our Topics of the Week by month so you will know which 
archive to find them in. Maybe by then the search engine at the top which I 
can't get to work will be working and this won't be so important.

Many thanks to my helpers and I hope many of you will use these archives so 
we will feel our time was well spent. As we looked through some of these 
messages again we felt there was a lot of valuable information there.


Mary Sue
PBS List Administrator

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