Mystery Crocus

Jane McGary
Mon, 10 Feb 2003 19:30:59 PST
Tony Goode wrote,
>So difficult to help without a picture!  I have posted on the wiki a
>picture of a crocus that I grow which seems to fit your description.
>It may be nothing like your plant BUT it is one that I have twice
>received mislabelled as something else - a natural imposter!  

Thanks, Tony, but what I have is nothing like this and I'm pretty sure it
is not C. vernus owing to the details of the style and stigma. Your plant
is interesting, though -- the kind of thing that makes me wonder about

If I ever get it together to get a new computer and learn how to hook the
camera to it, I will start putting pictures on also, although with my slow
Internet connection I will not be doing much of it. I am going to send a
slide of the mystery crocus to John Lonsdale in hopes he can ID it.

Jane McGary

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