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Ken K
Wed, 19 Feb 2003 20:05:33 PST
Brian Roth wrote:
> I am just now joining the Wiki discussion because for the last 10 days
> my e-mail downloads have been choking on some large attachments.  I
> don't know if they were IBS, PBS, or JUNK.  Whatever the case, despite
> all efforts at making adjustments at my end, I had to resort to calling
> up my  ISP 3 times to have them wade thru 200 to 400 messages to delete
> the offending files.


I used to have this problem all the time. Here is a great little email
utility that will enable you to access your email server without
actually downloading any of the email, and clean it out yourself. It
requires a Windows operating system and a POP mail account.

Lydia will let you peek at the contents of your mail from almost any
computer with internet access. I use it to monitor at my personal ISP
mail account from work, which would otherwise be impossible to do.

Free demo available for download.

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