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Hello Mary:

Yes its Rhodophiala, sorry for my mistake.

Rhodophiala bifida (Herb.) Cabrera is a very common species in the north 
east and central Argentina and Uruguay. The flowers can be red, dark red, 
pink or white as you can see in the pictures. Ravenna (Sellowia 19: 32. 
1967) had described 3 subspecies:

Rhodophiala bifida subsp. aemantha Ravenna
Rhodophiala bifida subsp. granatiflora (E.Holmb.) Ravenna
Rhodophiala bifida subsp. purpurea Ravenna

In Argentina you can find Rhodophiala bifida from Misiones (northeast) to 
Buenos Aires (central east) the color variation sequence is: red in the 
north, dark red, pink in the norh of Buenos Aires (where white flowers 
individuals can be found) and dark red in the south of Buenos Aires.

According to Orfeo Crosa in Uruguay the flowers are ussually pink near 
Montevideo and red in the north.

All this forms (subspecies?) can be found in the wild.

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At 04:51 p.m. 27/02/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>Dear Germán,
>Do you mean Rhodophiala? I never knew there were so many different color 
>forms of this species. Are they from different areas? Can you tell us a 
>little more about these? Are they all wild species or is this a result of 
>trying to create new forms?
>Mary Sue
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