Flats and holes

Hamish Sloan hamish.sloan@virgin.net
Fri, 14 Feb 2003 04:19:15 PST
Cathy has a problem with no-hole flats.

"These come each with a clear cover (to retain humidity) but no holes in 
bottom of the flats. Some flats have holes and some don't. I never did 
understand this distinction. Do I only need to punch some holes in the flat 
bottoms if I intend to water from the bottom (from a tray or mat)? Are the 
flats w/o holes for people who top-water? Thanks!"

Flats without holes are better for holding small pots in a humid 
environment. Especially good if you stand the flat on your window sill.

If using the flat directly, better to have holes whether you water from top 
or bottom. If you decide to drill holes in the flats you've got, use a 
lower speed setting on your drill, if it has one, have the flat on a solid 
flat (no pun intended) surface such as a block of wood and do NOT press 
down hard when drilling or you may split the plastic bottom badly and lose 
the flat altogether. Remember the engineer's adage: "Let the drill do the 

Regards Hamish

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